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Rheumatoid Arthritis

... Balm. Questions and Answers bones muscles joints rheumatoid arthritis arthritis seronegative ...
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Marma Therapy

... around the body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up. Each of these points have their own intelligence ... affected part of the neuro-muscular junction. Stretching of muscles and tendons is also used to improve tone, and gentle manipulation of ...
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Flat Feet

... fascinating. The main curvature of the arch is formed by the bones, of the feet, including those in your toes and heels, and the muscles that flex and bend the toes downwards. Also involved is the thick rope ...
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Frozen Shoulder

... the problem is usually caused by strain or injury to muscles or tendons. In the same way, computer use, driving, playing sports such ... only to a certain point. As soon as the tendon touches the bones that form the socket or cup, of the ball-and-socket shoulder joint, there ...
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Tennis Elbow

... The elbow area is complicated biodynamically. The three bones involved are the humerus in the upper arm, and the ulna and radius in the ... they face backwards. These movements are carried out by the muscles attached to the bone surfaces around the elbow. above and below. ...
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Aching Joints

... can be severe. In fact, although ‘osteo’ means bones, it’s not the hard bones of the joint that suffer inflammation but the ... is absorbed. This will help the inflammation. Massage the muscles above and below the affected joints too. This is best done at bedtime, ...
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Growing Pains

... me explain the physical background to these growing pains. Muscles are soft and full of blood, which gives them their red colour. When muscles contract, they move the bones that make up the joints. However, during evolution, nature found that ...
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Muscle Cramps

... have any tips please? Cramps occur because of muscles contracting. The muscles in your legs are part of the skeletal muscle ... Questions and Answers bones muscles joints muscle cramps cramps ...
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... not backwards.) Over the course of evolution, the muscles of the back developed to compensate, acting like pulleys to stretch the ... Questions and Answers bones muscles joints scoliosis curved spine ...
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... by arthritis, the protective cartilage at the end of the bones is gradually worn away. As the condition worsens, the bone around the ... difficult and lopsided walking may result as the inner thigh muscles go into spasm, restricting the sufferer's movement as he or she tries ...
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