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Face Pain

... run with messages from the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) to the muscles, skin and other body organs. Twelve pairs ... and of the diaphragm. The fifth and largest cranial nerve is a mixed nerve, called trigeminal because it has three branches. The ...
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Attention Deficit Disorder

... using radioactive glucose show that certain para of the brain can be hyperactive. But experiences such as coming from a broken family, ... in ADD -the reticular formation. This network of nerve fibers in the brainstem is responsible for regulating the messages to the ...
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Cold Hands & Feet

... there is decreased blood flow, there is no warmth, so the nerve receptors of the hands and feet whose function is to sense cold send messages to the brain. The result is that you have the sensations you describe. The main ...
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Parkinson's Disease

... condition caused by problems in the messages from the brain. The voluntary movements of your body (ie, the ones your brain decides to ... dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which transmits nerve impulses- messages- from one cell to another. In Parkinson's disease, the ...
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Muscle Cramps

... system, which generally contracts at the command of the brain, hence they are called voluntary muscles. Sometimes, however, ... the surface of muscle fibres, leads to impaired response to nerve stimulation, so the fibres go into spasm erratically, causing a cramping ...
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Noise in Ears

... roaring which is due to a nervous impulse generated in the nerve of the brain centre that analyses sound. This is like the phantom pain in a limb ...
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Facial Tic

... supplement (Biocare B Complex, capsules), which is a general nerve tonic. It's also vital to rest enough and to get good quality sleep. ... possibility of an epileptic type of abnormal activity in the brain, although I think it is extremely unlikely in your case. Other rare ...
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Bell's Palsy

... of nerves that come out of the cranium directly from the brain. The 7th pair control the facial muscles, one for each side of the face. With palsy there is a malfunction in the nerve-to-tissue connection, so the eyebrows, eyelids and mouth are visibly ...
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Head Injury (Ataxia)

... has damage to his brainstem and pinhead bleeding around the brain. He is now conscious and remembers all aspects of his life. He has ... Questions and Answers brain nerve system head injury ataxia ...
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... sciatica because it affects the thick, cord-like sciatic nerve, which starts under sheaths of gluteal muscles and goes right down the ... massage the neck so that the appetite centre in the brain gets more blood and therefore more glucose, and ceases to crave sugar. (l ...
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