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Eyesight Improvement

... quite quickly - although I have net been diagnosed with any eye condition. I am worried about having corrective laser eye surgery because ... supplements or vitamins that could help The eyes are the most powerful and precious organs in the body, so it is very ...
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The irises of your eyes are like a mirror image of all organs and areas of your body. The ... and parts of the body are represented in the iris of the eye in well defined areas. Iridology is one of the most comprehensive ... colour photographs. Examination of these pictures of the eyes can help explanation at the earliest stage of an illness, spot destruction ...
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... Once, when I was e child, I suffered from styes on both eyes. They became very inflamed just before my 11-plus exam. My GP lanced them, ... burst them when they first appeared, and then I used Golden Eye ointment, but they are still very red, although not painful. My GP says ...
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Face Pain

... it hurts just to talk or wash. It can also hurt round my eyes, which become red and puffy underneath. Have you any suggestions, please? ... Motor cranial nerves carry out the movements of the facial, eye, tongue, swallowing and speech muscles, and of the diaphragm. The fifth ...
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Flashing Lights

... I regularly experience flashing lights in both eyes. These lights can appear at any time but particularly if I get up quickly ... at a time. I'm a 33 year old man. I have had extensive eye tests but nothing has shown up. It seems to be happening more often, and it ...
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... including iridology (the science of the iris of the eye). From Moscow, Dr Ali returned to Delhi in 1982 and set up a Centre ... crowded room. "lt was very, romantic! 3,000 people but our eyes met across the room and we ended up talking." The prince asked Dr Ali to ...
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Watery Eyes

How can I stop my eyes from watering? For the past four years I have suffered with very watery eyes when I go out in bright sunshine, even if I wear sunglasses. The same ... tear glands are located in the inner top corners of the two eye socket bones. Soft and 'jelly-like' they fit into hollow areas called ...
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Relieve Sinuses

... either side of the bridge of the nose, extending above the eye socket and behind the nose, cheeks and forehead. Their primary function is ... the blood vessels. Another common symptom is sore, watery eyes, which are often sensitive to bright light. In general, a blocked ...
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Lazy Eyes

... of two, my daughter was diagnosed with long sight and a lazy eye. Now four, she wears glasses and also a patch over the 'good' eye for two ... even when your head is moving. It's vital that both eyes are coordinated, otherwise you might see double. If the muscles are weak, ...
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Bell's Palsy

... of acupuncture was beneficial, but the facial nerves to my eye and mouth grew back incorrectly, so I am worried that this second bout ... (this offers resistance to the muscles that help to open the eyes); pout your lips, then relax; blow out your cheeks. Practise ...
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