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The Neck Connection

... homoeostasis (constant body temperature, maintenance and blood parameters). All of these, and more, use the subconscious brain . ... devotees were able to slow down their breathing and heart rate. They were able to go into a "near death" state of "Samadhi” or ...
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High Blood Pressure Medicine

Is there any alternative high blood pressure medicine? I’ve just been prescribed a drug for high ... the nozzle. Similarly, blood pressure increases when the heart (a powerful pump) beats faster or when the arteries are constricted. ... the body try to compensate by increasing blood flow. Blood vessels (particularly arteries) constrict because of stress, muscle spasm (due ...
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Computer-Related Illness

... are protected in a pair of canals because they supply blood to the most delicate and vital part of the brain, the subconscious brain. ... are located in front and there is nothing behind it. The heart, lungs, liver, gut, uterus, and bladder make the body front-heavy so ...
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Face Pain

... best form of treatment My special neck massage improves the blood flow to the brainstem and midbrain, via the vertebral arteries in the neck. These arteries have tiny blood vessels (called vasa nervorum) sprouting from them, which feed the trigeminal ... face pain trigeminaal neuralgia face heart ...
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Stop Hyperventilating

... work harder. The result is the quicker breathing and faster heart rate that characterise hyperventilation. The oxygen level in blood depends on how much the lungs can supply and whether the blood is capable ...
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High Blood Pressure

What can I do about my high blood pressure? I have suffered from high blood pressure for the ... the diastolic. The systolic refers to the pressure when the heart contracts and the output of blood is maximum. The diastolic is the lower ... red meat This will control your cholesterol. When the blood vessels are frequently constricted, the floating lipids, or fats, are sucked ...
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Hormones and Emotions

... systems at the same time. Thus if the body needs to increase heart rate, breathing, sweating, muscle tension, or mental alertness ... a miniscule amount of adrenalin which will be carried by the blood to those target organs. It's a more efficient and economic way of ...
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... you suggest any alternative treatments? The heart is a muscular pump that consists of two types of muscle cells. One contracts, pushing blood into the chambers of the heart through the veins then out again via the ...
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Flaking Nails

... malabsorption of calcium or a calcium deficiency in the blood. Calcium acts as the cement for the elastic fibres that fortify and ... in the muscles. The body needs to move all the time and the heart muscles have to contract rhythmically 24 hours a day. If there is a ...
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Low Blood Pressure

What can I do about my low blood pressure? You hear about the problems of high blood pressure ... the pressure in the arteries leading to and from the heart. The higher systolic figure is the pressure as the heart pumps blood ... (capsules): one daily for three months to help tone blood vessels. To promote energy, take Energy Plus: one scoop twice daily with ...
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