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Bladder Pain

... which passing urine, which would suggest cystitis or a urinary tract infection. I have successfully treated patients with ... Brar. Questions and Answers kidneys urinary system bladder pain burning bladder ...
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Prostate Problem

... seminal plasmin, a natural antibiotic that not only prevents urinary infections in men but also kills germs in the vagina to help ensure the ... full and can't empty, urine flows back up the ureter to the kidneys and, in severe cases, these may be damaged. Additionally, there may be ...
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Urine Problems

... one cup of Gokhru tea daily for three months to clear the urinary tract, as any latent infection can cause the urine to smell. Take ... Questions and Answers kidneys urinary system urine problems ...
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Water Retention

... yoga every day. A common cause of water retention is the kidneys not working well. Swelling in the feet and legs is usually accompanied ... Questions and Answers kidneys urinary system water retention swollen legs venous ...
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