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Sensitive Gums

... can also be triggered by amalgam mercury fillings in the teeth. It can also be pan of an autoimmune reaction where the body develops an ... and you should try not to probe the affected areas with your tongue, as friction can make them worse. To boost your overall health, I ...
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Bad Breath

... odours come from the upper part of the digestive system - teeth, gums, mouth, gullet and stomach. In others, the problem originates in ... Questions and Answers teeth tongue bad breath halitosis teeth mouth ...
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... granddaughter suffers from halitosis, despite cleaning her teeth regularly. I'm worried that it will affect her friendships; do you have ... of bad breath is from the gums and from plaque on the teeth. Gum disease is generally caused by bacteria, which may produce pus and ... Questions and Answers teeth tongue halitosis ...
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Bitter Mouth

... food. But for such an important part of the body, the tongue gives us comparatively little trouble. People have problems with ... is that those who have high stomach acid find that their teeth and tongue feel 'sour'. The bitter taste usually comes from excess ...
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Mouth Ulcers

... Questions and Answers teeth tongue mouth ulcers ...
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Bleeding Gums

... gums. They bleed even when I am eating and when I floss my teeth (I don’t often do this). It seems to happen between my teeth as well as ... Questions and Answers teeth tongue bleeding gums teeth mouth gum area ...
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Mouth Infection

... one month. Plaque and crystallised salt formation on the teeth can also cause gum infection and erosion. It's vital to look after your gums because they help o hold the teeth in place. If problems are neglected, over time the plaque will grow ... Questions and Answers teeth tongue mouth infection ...
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Face Pain

... in the side of face for about four years. Thinking it was my teeth, I spent a fortune at the dentist, but it made no difference. The doctor ... cranial nerves carry out the movements of the facial, eye, tongue, swallowing and speech muscles, and of the diaphragm. The fifth and ...
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Mouth Sores

... white and red patches all over my gums, quite near to the teeth. My doctor and dentist say I just have to put up with them. I have a ... tissue, which are painful if you explore them with your tongue, as people tend to do subconsciously. Spicy food or alcohol can also ...
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Burning Tongue and Throat

What could be causing my burning Tongue and Throat? I've had oral thrush for the past six months - my ... pain, so eating, drinking, talking and even brushing your teeth is a nightmare. I believe your symptoms are more likely to stem from ... Questions and Answers teeth tongue burning tongue and throat ...
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