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Am I Healthy?

The difficulty in defining health is that, like well being, it is abstract. With an abstract concept it is always difficult to draw boundaries.

Disease on the other hand, can be defined. You can list the symptoms, and identify the syndrome. Whereas, this is not the case with health, there are too many parameters or symptoms of health.

Traditional Indian philosophy says that if you have an erect spine, a sound appetite, clear bowel movements, eliminating all the toxins, sound sleep and clear eyes (to the observer) then you are healthy.

The main positive symptoms of health are:

  • Sufficient amount of energy
  • A feeling of being unrestricted
  • Proper elimination
  • Proper ingestion and digestion
  • Sound sleep
  • Ability to carry out duties without feeling strain or stress
  • A clear focused mind, sharp short term memory and recall
  • A body that heals very easily and can adapt to changes in atmosphere and weather

There are symptoms that amount to ill-health but not enough to take you to the doctor because you know you are not actually sick, like day-to-day problems of aches and painspassing of excess windindigestiondandruffstiff and painful jointsdry skin or mind depression.

Compare all the symptoms that amount to ill health and answer the questions in the Dr. Ali’s downloadable MOT (My Own Testing) and find your health status.

The MOT is designed to evaluate your general health and well-being. Poor health can lead to illness over a period of time. So please take your time to think and make a honest assessment of the symptoms.

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