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Video Library

Intro to "The Neck Connection" book.

Lower Backache and Sciatica.

Stress and how does one control it

A case study of arthritis and low backache

Intro into treatment of the common cold and flu

intro to the treatment plan for severe headache, low backache and knee pain

Intro to treatment of severe mid backache

intro to treatments of all types of backaches

Intro to Why we get backache

Intro to Dr Ali's Head Massage

Intro to treatment of headache due to High Blood Pressure

Intro to Dr Ali's Signature Neck Connection Massage

Intro to treatment of severe Menstrual Pain and Low Backache

Intro to treatment of earache and blocked ear

Intro to treatment of Headaches

Intro to treatment of Migraine and Hayfever

Intro to treatment of severe arthritis of the knee Video awaited

Case study of a patient with severe Migraine. Video awaited

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