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Weight loss program

  • Excessive eating and no exercises (common type).
    • Hormonal Type (diabetes, low thyroid, reproductive hormonal imbalances, stress and etc.) this is more common in women. The fat deposited in this type is white in colour and not yellow as in dietary fat. It’s often called “cellulite” which is usually deposited on the area below the belly button, around the waist, thighs, upper arms, bosom and buttocks but rarely on the face neck, hands or the lower part of the legs. In case of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, similar fat deposit is also noticed. Men too occasionally have similar type of weight gain and they are terribly embarrassed about their breasts. This type of weight gain is managed by controlled clinical fasting, intensive exercise programme and no fat diet for up to a year. General diets have little or no effect on this fat.
    • Psychological Weight Gain due to binging, food addiction and bulimia. Here advising diets do not produce sustainable results. Lifestyle changes and psychological treatments help in this scenario.
    • Familial or Genetic Weight Gain. Here the entire family should participate in carrying out a programme of no-fat diet, exercises and occasional fasting for up to 3 days at a time. Then there is weight gain due to intake of prescription medicines like steroids and HRT.

    Each type of weight gain has to be treated differently. Then the results are more long-term. Dr. Ali’s Weight Loss Plan focuses on a few important phenomena. Excess stomach acid increases appetite. This makes people eat fast and too much. The tendency to snack increases too.

    Eating fast makes the food bypass the taste buds on the tongue and so the brain does not get adequate messages about the quantity and quality of food consumed. The feeling of satiety comes from stretched stomach muscles and not due to the analysis of food by the natural sensors of the taste buds. The result is that people eat more and also the wrong type of food.

    The appetite centre is located in the Hypothalamus in the brain. Reduced blood flow to the brain causes the appetite centre to be alert as glucose level drops. This increases food cravings, especially for sugar or carbohydrates, which ultimately turns into fat. Dr Ali’s method helps to reduce appetite, cravings and creates a feel good factor which maintains the motivation to follow the programme of diet and exercises.

    Read more about the Weight Loss Program in Dr. Ali’s book The Weight Loss Plan.

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