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Acid Reflux

I am not sure if all cases of Acid Reflux in babies and children are diagnosed correctly. Many are given stomach-acid controlling drugs by their paediatricians but that doesn’t seem to help much. They often continue to vomit immediately or shortly after eating. Who knows about the “acidity” being the primary cause?

I have seen many babies and children with this condition: vomiting immediately after a feed. Almost all of them had birth injuries (forceps or Ventouse delivery, prolonged or extremely rapid labour, etc.) or were born prematurely or had some head or neck trauma like falling down a flight of stairs, off a bed or cot etc. Why is there such a amazing correlation?

In my book The Neck Connection, I chose to write about a little South African girl, Chloe, whom I treated when she was 9 months old. Since the age of 3 months she had projectile vomiting after every meal. She too was diagnosed as having “Acid Reflux”. When the drugs suppressing acid secretion in the stomach did not help a feeding tube was surgically inserted in the stomach. Even after that she continued to vomit after each feed. She was diagnosed as a “neurotic baby”. Imagine the pain and agony of the parents.

I saw her on Christmas Day and immediately diagnosed the “neck connection” as she was pale and chalky in the face. Just a few minutes of my neck treatment, she turned pink for the first time. Even though the mother said there was no birth injury or any other trauma, I knew, just by feeling her neck, that she did have a disaligned vertebra. In the middle of the treatment, the mother suddenly remembered that when Chloe was just 3 months old, her older sister jumped on her when she was lying in bed. The vomiting started shortly after that.

That evening Chloe took 50ml of milk without throwing up, for the first time since her problem started. I treated her for a week and taught the parents the simple technique. The dietary advice was simple: no bread, orange or pineapple juice, fresh pureed food (mashed potatoes, mushy rice, pureed vegetables) minced meats, fish, baked apple or pears, carrot and apple juice, water 30 minutes after food etc.

The neck massage is described in the book. Let an experienced chiropractor or cranial osteopath read the massage section of the book and then ask them to treat. Request him or her to massage only and do minor adjustments only if a few sessions doesn’t help and also if there is a definite history of trauma resulting in disalignment of vertrebrae in the neck. Experienced Baby Massage therapists know the job. In India, trained Traditional midwives or “Dais” as they are called, massage babies every day for 40 days after birth to heal any injuries it may have sustained during labour.

I must warn you to be very careful with who treats your baby or child. The neck is very fragile. If you can’t find any good therapist, just follow the dietary plan and gently caress the head and neck area several times a day. The relaxation of neck muscles often does help. The list of Therapists are in the book. I will teach more therapists in The Ali Technique.

The book explains why neck injuries at birth cause nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, allergies, emotional problems in children and ever more problems as they grow up. Its all to do with reduced blood flow to the brain which regulates all the functions of the body.

Read the book to find out if some of your illnesses are related to an accident you may have had. Even neck stiffness caused by excessive computer use or lack of sleep can cause many illnesses.

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