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Baby’s Rash

The symptoms suggest that your baby has an allergic reaction and I think this is due to the artificial ingredients in the prepared baby foods you buy for her. You don’t say whether you breast-fed her, but every mother should feed their babies for six months until their immune systems have stabilized, then introduce freshly made, preferably organic solid foods. Remember drat even though the labels on the food you buy may say it is natural, preservatives have to be added to give its longer shelf life.

I suspect that she also has enlarged tonsils, which are leading to the vomiting. When you have frequent colds and coughs, as she has, there is postnasal drip in the back of the throat. This is often infected so the tonsils try to catch the bacterial from the infected mucus. As this happens, the tissue of the tonsils swells up. The enlarged tonsils act like probes that irritate the back of the throat, causing the vomiting reflex after eating as saliva is swallowed along with the food.

I have seen this in many children enlarged tonsils cause great discomfort. If there are no obvious symptoms, such as fever or sore throat doctors often don’t bother about treatment. (Some advise surgery as a precaution against tonsillitis, which I don’t agree with unless all natural methods fail.) Some times, as in Your case, doctors diagnose these symptoms as food intolerance or nervous vomiting. I remember a case when a child lost a lot of weight and was dehydrated from being sick I advised the mother to massage the throat area from outside with peppermint balm and use a homeopathic treatment, which cleared up the problem.

It’s important that your baby gets home-made food.

  • This is a good time to introduce fruit and vegetables, as the taste for them will remain for life. Start with small amounts of mashed bananas. Alternatively, you could bake
    an apple and mash up the fluffy insides or peel, slice and stew in a little water, You can also peel a seedless grape or two and mash them up.
  • Make oatmeal porridge in goat’s or soya milk. Start with a couple of tablespoonfuls, and increase as her appetite grows.
  • Protein intake is also important as the intensive growth demands it. Start with soft boiled eggs- Boil a free-range organic egg for three minutes. When it is cool, scoop the
    egg into a cup. feed her with a small spoon. Try half an egg at first, then increase to a whole egg daily.
  • Chicken broth is also good for lunch or dinner. Boil a baby chicken for 90 minutes, in enough water to cover and with a couple of bay leaves and a cinnamon stick. Sieve and keep the stock in the stock in the fridge. Take two cups of stock and boil one third of a cup of basmati rice with vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and leeks, until they are all well cooked. Blend this to make a nutritious puree, adding more stock if necessary. Gradually’ you can introduce minced organic red meat or chicken, or mashed fish and Potatoes.
  • Give your baby water to drink and supplement with fresh goat’s milk. You can also try soya and/or cow’s milk again, introducing slowly to see if there is a reaction. Juice an apple or two and give her small amount of that diluted with water. Or juice a carrot with the apple and see if she likes that.
  • You could also give her Vitasorb Multivitamins (Biocare) two to three drops daily for three months will boost immunity.
  • I also advise you to see a homeopathic, who will treat your daughter’s rash and tonsils.

Early allergies can be caused by birth injuries.
Forceps or ventouse delivery put strain on the cranium and tender neck. In India, newborn babies are massaged daily for about 40 days to correct the physical damage of labour. Touching is healing and you must not underestimate the power of that. Massage your baby with jojoba or sesame oil, particularly the neck area to ensure good blood flow to the pituitary gland.

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