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Acute catarrh is usually a reaction to a viral infection. A virus or bacteria will invariably attack when you are run down. Catarrh sufferers are often exhausted and have very low energy levels. So you need to treat not only the condition but also restore your body to vitality.

For the catarrh, put two drops of Dr Ali’s Sinus Oil into your nostrils twice daily. Then blow your nose and make sure that every ounce of mucus is drained out because it is a breeding ground for bacteria. This remedy is suitable for children, too.

You can also use a nasal douche, known in India as Jal-neti. Pour some warm water into a small pot with a spout (or you can purchase a neti pot, bronze or plastic,) and add about half a teaspoon of salt. Tilt your head back slightly at an angle, then, breathing through your mouth, insert the spout into one nostril and slowly pour in about half the water. This will percolate into the nasal tract and in and around the sinus openings. Let it come out through the other nostril or the mouth. Rest for a few moments then repeat with the other nostril. Now do the cleansing breath: inhale through your mouth and exhale vigorously through both nostrils for about ten breaths. When you have finished, lie down on your back and rest for a little while.

You can also do alternate nostril breathing to clear your nose. Make sure the nasal tract is dry. Place your right thumb over your right nostril, right first finger over your left nostril. Lift the thumb slightly and breathe in through your right nostril to a slow count of three. Lower the thumb on to your right nostril and raise the finger on your left, then breathe out through your left nostril counting slowly to six.

There are several helpful remedies: take one garlic capsule twice daily for four or five days; or half a teaspoon of ground ginger in warm milk or water. Or make fresh ginger tea: grate a peeled chunk of raw ginger and infuse with boiling water. The Unani herbal preparation Khamira Nazli or another called Lauq Sapistan dry up mucus: take half a teaspoon daily with milk or water for ten days for chronic catarrh. If children have catarrh, massage their throat and neck gently with Dr Ali’s Junior Oil.

Those with chronic catarrh should avoid dairy products, except for a little skimmed milk with their medicines. All catarrh sufferers should avoid cold water and iced drinks or foods. You should drink one and a half litres of still pure water, warm or at room temperature, every day. Also drink freshly juiced apple, carrot and ginger daily.

Here are my suggestions to restore energy:

  • Have massages
  • Do Yoga
  • Go to bed early
  • Sleep more at weekends
  • For one day once a week, eat only soup and juice. Make soup with lots of onions, garlic, ginger and black pepper cooked in chicken or vegetable stock (don’t use stock cubes which contain yeast); add carrots and cabbage and boil until everything is soft; have up to six bowls a day. This soup is slightly spicy and may make you sweat, which is good because it eliminates the toxins.

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