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Without a full medical history, I can only give you general advice, but this may help your symptoms. I am sure that doctors have checked your colon for colitis, tumours and other sources of blood in stools. If not then I suggest you get these investigations done now. It is likely that the cause of some of the symptoms is your constipation. This dries the lining of the colon, which should be moist Without lubrication, stool masses can’t be pushed out easily.

Chronic constipation can cause the lining to develop cracks, rather like chapped lips. This results in small amounts of bleeding which is probably what you are seeing in your stools. The dryness may also result in ulcerations (open wounds) on the bowel lining, which may also be the cause of the bleeding.

When you are constipated, you push with the abdominal muscles to evacuate the bowels. The pressure can cause swelling in veins in the anal region. These veins have valves, which ensure that blood only flows towards the heart. But the pressure makes the valves defective, allowing the blood to flow backward until it reaches the next valve that is working correctly. This causes a reservoir of blood to form in the vein, pushing out the walls of the vein and forming a haemorrhoid (which is similar to a varicose vein). Hard stool masses passing over these delicate haemorrhoids can cause abrasions and bleeding. Haemorrhoid are ‘internal’ when they lie above the anal ring and ‘external’ when they protrude outside.

Regarding your other symptoms, constipation and digestive problems may cause mineral malabsorption, which leads to a deficiency in the blood. This can result in chronic fatigue and irritability. The cause of psoriasis is stilt not clear, but if you try what I suggest below you may, get some relief from your skin conditions, too. You will also find information about treating them on my website.

    Natural remedies and cures for constipation

  • Drink two liters of pure still water daily between meals; eat figs, papaya, spinach, prunes and beetroot.
  • At bedtime, take lsabgol psyllium husks or Cytoplan psyllium husk powder : put two tablespoons, or as directed, in a mug of warm water, stir, mix in one teaspoon of manuka honey and drink quickly before the contents become gelatinous; drink two glasses of water afterwards to wash it down.
  • If you are very constipated (one or two bowel movements a week), take Qurs Mullayan, an Unani remedy from an ancient European system of medicine – one at bedtime for two months – or Herbolax tablets: two at bedtime for two months.
  • For other digestive problems

  • Avoid yeast products, citrus fruit, spiced food, canned products, ready-made sauces, coffee, beer, champagne and red wine for three months.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly.
  • If you wish, sip a little water during meals, but only drink larger quantities at least 45 minutes before and after meals.
  • Take Stomach Formula : one twice daily for two months.
  • Since you lose blood sometimes, you must keep your iron level up. Iron tablets would exacerbate the constipation, so you must rely on natural sources unless you are anaemic. Eat foods such as spinach, pomegranate, liver and red meat (organic if possible), cherries and red’ apples, which will all help to replenish your blood.
  • For your skin problems

  • Drink an infusion of kadu twigs in the morning for two months (soak two in a cup of hot water at night). This will help to detoxify your gut and control candida overgrowth, which may be affecting your skin.
  • Take a general tonic such as Biotique Bioprash : one tablespoon mixed with a little manuka honey and water every morning for two months.
  • For general energy and health

  • Massage your neck and shoulders for five minutes every night at bed time with Biotique Lifestyle Oil . The tension in these areas will decrease and the blood flow to the brain will improve. This will make you calmer and improve your sleep.
  • Listen to a relaxation tape, such as Dr Ali’s Relaxation Tape by Sanogenetic Solutions to calm your mind at bedtime.

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