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Hair Loss

It’s great pity that, in general, men don’t take enough care of their hair because they don’t want to seem vain. As a result, their hair loss tends to be more sever then it would have been id they had taken preventive measures from the start. There are several simple things that can help.

First of all, they should avoid fatty foods. Completely cutting out animal fats, cheeses, rich curries and any very greasy food would be good. But it is, of course, important to keep up the intake of beneficial essential fatty acids which come from oily fish (mackerel, herring, salmon, etc) and from whole grains, nuts and seeds, also avocados and soaked almonds. When you eat a lot of fat, it seems that the sebaceous glands that oil the hair root become overactive and swollen. Then the hair root becomes weak. In the old days, when men went to war didn’t want to have to shave, they rubbed lard or sheep fat into their face to destroy the hair roots.

Secondly, men should be certain to maintain the blood flow to the head. If they have a history of thinning hair in the family, they should massage their hair with a traditional oil called Bhringraj. Pour one and a half tablespoonfuls on to the centre of the scalp, then, with the palm, spread it across the hair. Massage round and round with the palm; don’t pull the hair, move gently with the scalp. Then use the fingertips to massage each area. Make sure the oil is spread right out to the temples and to the nape of the neck. When the oil is absorbed into the hair (it will be practically dry) the hair should be combed back and left for four to six hours.

Follow by washing with a very gentle shampoo, such as Walnut Cleanser, which is made to an Ayurvedic recipe. Pour the shampoo on to the hand, massage it like cream on to the scalp, without lathering too much. Rinse with warm, not hot, water. This process will take up the oil and leave the hair nicely shiny. How you shampoo is important. Don’t shampoo more than twice a week because it dries out the hair. Never use hot water, it burns the hair root, or a hairdryer. Towel dry gently and comb into place. It is wise to start hair care early. A baby or toddler has downy hair which is quite different from mature hair. Traditionally in India, we shave a boy’s hair at two or three years old, when the fontanelle is closed. This results in a fresh, thick crop of hair. It’s like shaving the beard and moustache. I recommend that mothers massage the head of their child – boy or girl – once a week from the age of two, with sweet almond oil. Use he fingertips and rub gently into the scalp, also rub the neck; this will improve the circulation generally.

A few more tips for hair care for men and women: Always let the hair breathe; if you wear a baseball or golfing cap, don’t let the sweat remain – it will attract fungal infection to the hair root. lf the hair is thinning, also avoid fungal foods, including cheese, mushrooms, vinegar, marmite and products containing yeast such as beer, lager and bread. Take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, such as Dr Ali’s multivitamin & Mineral Formula.

Gut Reaction

One of the most common problems with men is letting out a lot of gas, due to eating too many yeasty products, and also mild constipation. These problems can lead to diverticulitis. To aid the elimination process, they should eat papaya for breakfast. High fibre is no good. Bran flakes and other high-fibre cereals produce a lot of gas and are fantastic food for bacteria.

It’s also important to have plenty of still, pure water. On rising, men should drink two glasses of lukewarm water and rub their stomachs clockwise to kick-start the digestive system. When urination happens spontaneously the bowels ere evacuated completely; this is because the pressure on the bladder is then released. However busy men are, they should keep a jug of water near their desks and sip frequently. They should also cut down on beer, lager, coffee and tea.

Drinking freshly made vegetable juice is enormously helpful for these problems, as well as providing a potent source of nutrients. Juice together 2 large carrots (scrubbed, tops cut off), ½ cucumber (washed), I beetroot (scrubbed, top cut off) and a 1in chunk of ginger (peeled).

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