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A stye is a small cyst or abscess in the eyelid. When you are run-down – tired, overworked, sleeping badly, eating poorly so deficient in vitamins – opportunistic bacteria which are always looking for a weakened host, penetrated through the roots of the eyelashes and lodge under the skin of the eyelid. Here they multiply rapidly and begin to form a swelling.

In a bid to defend itself, the body sends white blood cells to the site of the infection. They surround the swelling, forming a spherical enclosure – the stye or cyst – to contain the infection and prevent it from spreading. This ball of defensive cells attacks the germs by swallowing and digesting them. The digested germs, together with waste products and some dead white blood cells (which have died in the battle with the germs), form pus. The body wants to rid itself of this toxic waste, so the pus is pushed through the skin until it reaches the outer surface, where, eventually the pressure bursts the skin and the greenish yellow matter is expelled.

When the pus is drained from the stye, the empty chamber is quickly filled with healthy tissue that replaces the damaged cells. So the stye disappears without trace.

Before antibiotics were invented, traditional medicine had a cunning way of helping the body to destroy this infection. Poultices made from the pulverised mud and clay of wasps’ nests were applied over the stye. This paste dried to form a crust. The temperature inside the stye rose killing germs. This was called the ‘maturing’ of the abscess. Once the germs were dead, the body expelled the pus naturally.

In your case, you burst the styes before they were mature and ready to be drained. As a result some fibrous scar tissue, rather than healthy tissue, grew into the empty space. This hard tissue does not blend in with the original tissue, which is why you feel the bumps as if the styes were still there. These ‘cold’ non-infective styes will shrink gradually, but they may take some months to disappear completely.

I suggest you take the following supplements:

  • Bioprash : take one tablespoonful daily with a dessertspoonful of manuka honey for three months, to boost your immune system.
  • Zinc citrate: one daily for two months. For other readers who have styes, I advise you to allow them to mature. To treat and prevent styes, you need to improve your energy level and your immune system.

To boost your immune system:

  • Eat fresh wholesome seasonal food, preferably organic.
  • Don’t eat processed, tinned or preserved foods.
  • Drink a freshly-made juice of carrots, apples, celery and ginger every other day for two months.
  • Make chicken broth by boiling a jointed poussin for 90 minutes with garlic, ginger, cinnamon sticks and a pinch of turmeric. Beat up the bones with a rolling pin first to help release nutrients. Drain and drink one mug of the liquid (make sure you bring it to the boil again and then cool to taste) about an hour before dinner for two weeks.
  • Avoid any foods with yeast in (bread, cakes, pasta, pizza etc), citrus fruits, alcohol, coffee, sugar, chocolates and fried foods.
  • To help a stye apply a little turmeric cream, which is a natural disinfectant, on a fresh cotton bud at night lf possible, get someone to do it for you – you need to keep your eyes closed so the cream doesn’t go in. In the morning keep your eyes closed as you wash off all the cream with warm water. Do this for two days. You can make the cream by taking a couple of pinches of turmeric powder and mixing with a few drops of water to form a paste.
  • Try the homoeopathic remedy Hepar Sulph 30: two tablets twice daily for five days. However, I recommend you consult a homoeopath, because you may need an individualised constitutional remedy, mature the stye. Rub your palms quickly together to create friction heat then place your warm palms on the eyelids. Do this hourly for two minutes, to help mature the style.

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