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Tummy Problem

It seems that you have an accumulation of cellulite, or white fat cells, around your lower abdomen. Basically these fat cells are deposited as a compensatory mechanism whenever there is a deficiency of the female hormone oestrogen in the body. The fat cells go through a process called ‘aromatisation’ (nothing to do with aromatherapy), which converts substances in the fat to a form of oestrogen called esterone.

In your case, I suspect that the drop in oestrogen was probably triggered by lack of blood flow to the ovaries, either due to the caesarean or to scar formation ( medically called adhesions).This would have resulted in your body trying to compensate by depositing fat in your lower abdominal area. These fatty deposits accompany other similar hormonal disruptions in, for instance, young women with period problems or older women approaching menopause. They get fatty deposits on their hips, thighs and arms, as well as their tummies- the classic site for cellulite. It’s often commented that users of the contraceptive pill, which blocks oestrogen production, tend to have cellulite too.

The best way to correct this problem balance your hormones. You need plenty of rest, so try to get bed early – by 10pm at least two nights a week.

Also follow these guidelines:

  • Eat organic food, especially meat and poultry.
  • Balance your intake of fruit and vegetables with sufficient protein: if you are a vegetarian, eat tofu, cottage cheese, almonds soaked for 24 hours, and if necessary, take protein supplements.
  • Drink freshly juiced carrot, celery, apple and ginger.
  • Drink lots of pure, still water- at least 1.5 litres daily.
  • Eat a light dinner early in the evening.
  • Do not eat any canned or preserved food – fruit and vegetables should be fresh.
  • Avoid yeast products, fried food, cheese, mushrooms, coffee, excess salt and citrus fruits (except organically produced tangerines, clementines and oranges).
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Regular massage of the neck and shoulders is important if you have tension in your neck; this tends to happen in modern life, particularly if you drive or work at a computer. Ask your husband to massage your neck and shoulders twice a week for ten minutes or have regular therapeutic massage focusing on the neck and shoulders. And sleep on one pillow only.

You can massage the fatty area yourself with Dr Ali’s Cellulite Oil, a mixture of mustard, ginger, sesame and pine oils. Most of the cellulite consists of water, which disperses with massage. So knead the area very deeply. The oils warm the tissues, increasing the local metabolism and bringing more blood to the cellulite, which also helps disperse it.

The exercise system called Hellerwork is very beneficial for these fatty abdominal bulges, because it helps to reshape the body.

Yoga is also helpful. These are three particularly good poses for this condition: the semi-bridge, the turtle and the cobra. If you are familiar with these, you should practice them twice a day, morning and evening, doing ten repetitions of each.
The most likely cause of your wind is constipation. Every day, the body produces about five litres of gas, most of which is passed without anyone noticing. However, stools which are not eliminated act as plugs which don’t allow the air to be dispersed naturally, so the stomach gets distended. By sorting out the constipation, the gas passes out naturally.

Drink plenty of water, starting with two glasses of lukewarm water when you get up in the morning. Also massage your abdomen clockwise for a few moments to activate peristalsis – the movement of the intestine then leave plenty of time to go to the loo in a calm and peaceful way.
For breakfast every day, eat papaya, prunes or figs. Always make sure you eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Be very cautious about sugar – it leads to gas production – and avoid fizzy water. Eat fruit away from meals.
For constipation you can also take Isabgol, which is pure psyllium husk: mix 1 tbsp with warm skimmed milk or water and take in the morning after breakfast. Or you could take two tablets of the herbal laxative Herbolax before dinner for one month.

Yoga for Relief

    This exercise will help release trapped wind:

  • Lying flat on the floor, breath in and bring your right knee to your chest, keeping the left leg straight.
  • Breathe out slowly, bringing your forehead to touch your knee.
  • Breathe in and lower your head back to the floor slowly, keeping your chin tucked in.
  • Breath out, relax your arms and straighten your leg.
  • Repeat with your left leg. Do this exercise five times with each leg.

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