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Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is a growing problem all over the world. In simple words: stress, bad eating habits, lack of exercises and toxic presence of Free Radicals in blood, genetic predisposition etc., affects the permeability of cellular membranes. Thus the Insulin, although present in abundance in blood, can’t help to transport glucose into the cells. Glucose, therefore, can’t be “burnt off” or metabolised and so it floats freely in blood. This raised level of Blood Sugar is called Type II Diabetes.

In Type I Diabetes, the Pancreas simply can’t produce Insulin so Glucose can’t be utilised by cells at all. Insulin has to be injected to metabolise the Blood Sugar.
This is a simple explanation for the layman.

Type II Diabetes needs a total change in lifestyle: no sugar, less carbohydrates, fresh green vegetables, less fruits, no fried or oily food, regular intake of multivitamins and minerals, regular walks and PLENTY of WATER (2 litres per day).

My take is that controlling Diabetes with drugs and insulin is not an issue. Modern medicine does that very well but preventing its complications is the MAIN problem.
High Blood Sugar makes the blood “syrupy” and so its molecules form crystals (candy sugar) on the walls of tiny blood vessels. Slow movement of the thick blood facilitates the formation of plaque of pure sugar in them.

This severely impairs blood flow to organs like kidneys, eyes, heart, nerves, muscles etc. where there are numerous tiny blood vessels. These organs get damaged due to lack of oxygen and that results in Diabetic Complications.

“Stagnant water is dirty, running water is clean.” Using this analogue, I recommend lots of water to reduce concentration of sugar in blood and a complex of Yoga exercises to actively improve blood circulation. My massage technique is even more beneficial because it improves blood circulation passively but more effectively. For example, tight calve muscles (a common phenomenon) cause burning or tingling in the feet… Diabetics know this symptom. Massage of the calves instantly relieves this symptom. Try it, if you have this symptom.

The neck massage creates a “feel good” factor and removes fatigue, a common symptom of Diabetes. It might help in self-healing in the early stage of the disease. Read The Neck Connection for further details.

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