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Vaginal Discharge

Firstly, to set your fears at rest, the chances of this problem affecting your daughter’s fertility are remote because the entrance to the uterus (womb) does not open until puberty. Indeed, these symptoms more usually occur when girls start menstruating.

The treatment I recommend is to make sure that the mucus is stopped from acting as a breeding ground for bacteria and/or fungus. Mucus offer the ideal environment for these invaders, being moist, warm and rich in nutrition. From what you say, the origin of your daughter’s discharge is bacterial. Usually a bacterial discharge is yellow-green, where as a fungus-based discharge is a white-cream.

Attention should be directed to the immune system, so that it swings into action to prevent the bacteria thriving. Make sure that your daughter eats a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, and plenty of protein- chicken, fish and eggs. All food should be organic if possible. You could also boil a lamb marrowbone for two hours with some fresh ginger, a little salt and a handful of barley, then stair and apple juice tighter carrots and apples with a chunk of peeled ginger, or carrots, radishes, ginger and a little fresh mint.

To reduce mucus production, children ( and adults) should avoid eating excess yoghurt, cheese, cream , ice cream, sweets, chocolates, bananas, pastas, bread, rice cakes and biscuits, or any other prepared processed foods. Also avoid chilled drinks, especially fizzy ones.

Wet tissues should always be used to wipe after going to the lavatory, so as to prevent the spread of bacteria. And it is very important that children should not be constipated, so that stools are soft and easily passed. Correct slight constipation by adding prunes, figs, papaya, pineapple, beetroot and spinach to the diet. If the constipation is chronic, make sure your child drinks at least one liter of pure still water daily, between meals, and takes two teaspoonfuls of Isabgol psyllium husks in water or a little warm organic milk at bedtime.

After a bath, you must make sure that all the moisture is carefully dried from the vaginal area using cotton-wool pads (preferably organic, as a large number of pesticides are used on cotton, and a proportion of crops are produced from genetically modified seed). Underwear should be cotton and she should change her pants twice daily. She must get plenty of sleep and not stay up late. Also massage her entire spine twice a week. This will improve the quality of communication from her brain to her body, strengthening her immune system and enabling it to throw off the enemy bugs.

Children should not play computer games excessively, because their bodies get stuck in unnatural positions; an hour a day is the absolute maximum. Yoga is very helpful: she could try the lotus position or simply sit squatting on her haunches.

I also suggest the following supplements to boost her immune system:

  • Chavanprash health tonic (containing Chavanprash and other herbs;): 1 tsp daily in water after breakfast, for two to three months.
  • Vitasorb multivitamin and mineral drops : ten drops daily, in water, after breakfast.
  • A one-month course of Nutrisorb Zinc Ascorbate: ten drops daily, in water or milk, with food.

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