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Bloating And Flatulence

Bloating and Flatulence are commonly known as ” Gas” in the abdomen. It’s is often very uncomfortable and frequently accompanied by mild to moderate pain. This is a condition when the abdomen gets distended and makes sound like a drum when tapped. There are 3 types of gas in the abdomen.

Upper abdominal gas, when the top part, around the stomach,is bloated. It often makes breathing very difficult as the dome of the diaphragm Iifted up, making the expansion of the lungs somewhat restrained. This type of gas is caused by eating fast ( swallowing air), drinking fizzy water, chemical reaction ( eating something that might react with stomach acid, producing instant gas), eating too much of raw food ( leafy salads), gastritis or indigestion etc. This gas is related to the stomach. If this condition continues, there is a risk of developing Hiatus Hernia, a condition in which a part of the oesophagus or stomach gets trapped in the diaphragm. It’s very painful and as a hernia, takes time to get freed from the entrapment.
To cure the above type of gas, avoid fizzy water or drinks, kidney beans, excess lentils, radish, spinach, stalks of cauliflower or broccoli or asparagus, yeast products, mushrooms, beer , fungal cheeses, citric fruits, hot curries, nuts and canned products. Eat root vegetables, mushy or soft foods. Drink water 45 minutes after eating a meal. Try and rest after lunch and walk after dinner. Drink Fresh Mint tea, but slightly cooled.

The second type of gas is caused by either fermentation (caused by action of gut yeast on carbohydrates/sugar) or putrefaction ( rotting of protein due to bacterial action). The former causes distension or pain as the abdomen extensively blows up. The latter often cause what is know as abdominal gas. There is often rumbling or gurgling sounds in the abdome. The gas eliminated from the body, referred to as “wind”, often has a foul smell. It’s best to avoid yeast, sugar, mushrooms, cheese, excess meats, sausages, smoked or cured meats or fish, rotten or smelly fish, bacon, canned meats etc. You must eat fresh products. You can mix ginger and turmeric powder in equal parts in a jar. Take half a teaspoonful of this powder after lunch and dinner for a month. You can take my Detox Tea, available at my clinics and spas.

The third type of gas is referred to as flatulence. We produce about 5 litres of gas a day. We release them when we sneeze, go to the toilet, walk, laugh, talk, eat and do exercises. It is a natural thing to do and one should not feel embarrassed about it. However, if one gets constipated or the stools are hard, the gas is trapped in the abdomen. Moreover, if the constipation is chronic, the stool mass which is full of bacteria, begins to “rot”. This condition makes the gas very foul smelling. If one is eats a lot of meats, the gas may have a smell of Hydrogen Sulphide ( rotten egg). Soon the breath too acquires that smell, so does the sweat or skin. Drink 2 litres of water a day, walk daily, eat spinach, non citric fruits, figs, prunes, beet root etc. Take psyllium husks. I have a preparation called ” Gut Cleansing Gel ” available in my clinics and spas.

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