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Dangerous Beauty- Case Study

Catherine was 26-years-old model, beautiful and successful. But she had begun to lose confidence in herself at 21 when her boyfriend left her for another woman. She reasoned that he left her because she was fat, so she took to jogging, spending hours in the gym and consuming nothing but salad, grilled vegetables, energy drinks, fruits, yoghurt and a little bread. As a result her father criticized her all the time. Her mother offered sympathy but Catherine wasn’t convinced, and denied that she had a problem.

Because she ate no animal fats, she was lacking in vital fat-soluble vitamins. She became anaemic, protein-deficient and calcium-deficient. She bruised very easily, her gums bled and her periods stopped.

When Catherine’s weight dropped to just 40kg she was brought to me.

To get life-saving nourishment into her body, I begun a massage regime with nutrient-rich ghee – although she would not eat butter, she did not mind it in her body, I also massaged her neck and scalp with almond oil, another nutritious oil, and asked her to leave on the ghee and oils for at least six hours to allow them to be absorbed and for their nutrients to reach the bloodstream. She also took the Ayurvedic supplement shatavari, underwent hypnosis and psychotherapy, and I taught her a relaxation technique.

It took three months for her to ‘come back to herself’, by which time she was beginning to eat eggs, chicken soup and caviar on toast, all foods rich in protein. It took her two years to recover fully, but today she is a mother of two, happily married and very attractive.

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