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Headaches On Every Saturday Night For Two Days In a Row

A well-known chef in the UK used to get headaches every Saturday night at 11pm. He would return home early from his restaurant every Saturday as he expected the headache. He would get tightness in the neck, followed by a severe headache. He hated taking medicines for headaches but he saw no alternative. He would continue to have headaches on Sundays as well and feel absolutely fine by the evening. He had had allergy tests, but nothing showed any concrete evidence that they caused the headaches.

I put him on a diet that excluded yeast products, dairy, coffee, nuts, sugar, citrus fruits and alcohol. I saw him on Fridays. At first the intensity of headaches lessened and then he began not to have a headache on Saturdays. Today, he is free from headaches. I see him frequently on television and once, at a conference, I heard him talk about his headaches and he gave me credit for teaching him the right diet and for applying the exact treatment.

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