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Harper’s Bazaar Gives Top Ranking

Dr. Ali’s Castel Monastero Spa is rated by U.K. Harper’s Bazaar as one of the Top Three Best Health Spots in Europe. Dr. Ali carries out Detox and Weight Loss Programmes in this exclusive and beautiful Clinical Spa in Tuscany, Italy.


Here are the same Detox and Weight Loss Programmes Dr. Ali gives to the guests at the Spa.


Dr. Ali firmly believes that the colon, kidneys, skin and nasal mucosa are the main organs that naturally eliminate our bodily wastes and toxins. Medical science accepts the waste products (metabolites, urea, bile salts, digestive sludge etc.), but they often have reservations about “toxins” as they can’t establish their nature or quantify them with measurements.

Dr. Ali uses logic, the age-old method of proving things, to explain this.

Say you inject 50ml of milk into the vein. The body will go into a shock or probably be poisoned by its “toxins”. The same milk, however, can be consumed internally without any sign of “toxicity” (unless there is Lactose intolerance). That is because the liver detoxifies everything that comes from the gut via the portal veins and makes them safe for the body. Therefore, the liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body. We can improve its functions by controlling the quality and quantity of foods, drinks, supplements, medicines, and anything else that we consume orally. In other words, reduce its workload.

Since the liver has been blessed with the amazing gift of regenerating and self-healing, all we really need to do is to protect it from damage and not force it to work day and night. Every time we eat, the liver has to produce bile, which is essential for digestion and to detoxify the absorbed food matter.

The main generator of “toxins” in the gut are the yeast and candida. Yeast for example, freely brews alcohols like ethanol, butanol, propanol, methanol etc in the gut, some of which are toxic. Remember, in a commercial brewery, malt and yeast produce beer or ethanol, under controlled conditions. No such control mechanism exists in the gut. These toxic alcohols cause great damage to the liver and the rest of the body. Chronic fatigue, bloating, poor immune system etc., are some of the known symptoms.

Candida thrives on the lining of the gut-wall (like molds do on surfaces of bread, fruits ), so it damages it . This is the main cause of entry of “gut-toxins” into the blood stream. These toxins affect the entire body. The skin and sinuses try hard to eliminate them as these toxin molecules are too large for the kidneys to expel them from blood. Therefore, one gets skin rashes, hives, eczema, chronic sinusitis (non-allergic type), in addition to chronic fatigue and weakened immune system.

Dr. Ali’s Detox Programme takes into account the above phenomena. Here is its outline:



  • Yeast products, mushrooms, fungal cheeses, alcohol, citric or acid foods, coffee, sweets, fried or oily foods, red meat, shell fish, canned foods.
  • Do this for 3 months.
  • Eat slowly. Drink water 45 mins after meals. Eat light evening meals, preferably, before 7pm.
  • Drink 2 litres of water daily. Walk after dinner if possible.
  • Once a week for 3 months, have liquids only to spare the liver from working too hard.
  • Dr. Ali suggests fresh carrot and apple juice, vegetable broth, herbal teas, 2 litres of water and fresh non-citric fruit juice.He has created his own Detox Tea which helps to suppress candida or yeast overgrowth in the gut and improve digestion. The Detox Tea contains small quantities of blended herbs used traditionally in Asia. It contains Chiraitha, Kutki, Amla, Neem and Liquorice. Dr Ali has used this blend for over 25 years with good results. This bitter tea is brewed at night, left to soak overnight and drunk on empty stomach in the morning. This is done daily for 3 months.After the 3 months, you may continue to avoid yeast and fungal products for a year. You may do the liquid-only day, once or twice a month and drink the Detox Tea once or twice a week.

    Every year, after the festive season of Christmas and New Year, you should follow the 3 months detox programme. It will improve your health and well-being.


    Dr. Ali prefers to carry out his Weight Loss Programme in a controlled environment or under his or one of his assistants’ supervision. Firstly, the cause of the weight gain may vary so the treatment too will be different.

    Some types of weight gain:

    1. Excessive eating and no exercises
    This dietary fat is yellow in colour and is mostly deposited on the face, around the internal organs and belly area, so one looks “fat” all over. Most weight loss programmes focus on this type of weight gain and have success with diet and exercises. Its easy to follow with a bit of motivation.

    2. Hormonal Weight Gain
    This due malfunction of reproductive, thyroid, stress hormones etc. This covers about 40% of all obese people. Diet and exercise regime help up to a point, but restoring the hormones is very important too. This hormonal deposit is NOT entirely dietary, as it is “white cellulite tissue” rich in fat. People accumulate this cellulite on thighs, forearms, breasts and below the belly button but never on the face. They are slim below the elbows and knees. Obese men with large breasts also come under this category. The internal organs like heart, intestines, kidneys etc do not have excess fatty deposits in this type of weight gain, unless the person has been eating excessively as well. These obese people have to struggle all their lives and the weight loss is usually slow. If they break the regime, the weight gain is instant. It is frustrating as all the efforts go down the drain.

    Dr. Ali has devised a special diet, to be followed over a year or so. Basically, food is tasty and palatable because of fat, sugar, salt and herbs or spices. Boiled food is boring and you can’t really eat a lot. In his diet, you avoid fat or oils completely but enhance the flavour of food with moderate amounts of herbs and spices (not too much of hot chillies though). So you can eat a small amount of carbohydrates like muesli, pasta, honey, washed rice (cook with lots of water and strain the starch) use less salt but DO NOT use oils, butter, cheese and fats to cook. The meats and vegetables should be grilled, baked, smoked, boiled and steamed with only herbs or spices. This is very essential to the diet. The body will then start to break up its own fat in tissues, starting after about 3 weeks. After 3 months you’ll see very good results. It’s a mind set and not a very difficult diet to follow. You’ll get used to it and will enjoy the diet. Do follow the rest of the programme mentioned below and consult your doctor about hormone regulation. You must exercise as well.

    3. Genetic or Familial Weight Gain
    Here everyone in the family has the same problem. The above no-fat diet for the entire family is useful.

    4. Psychological Weight Gain
    Binging, Bulemia and Comfort Eating come under this category. A psychotherapist should be able to help in restoring the cravings. Follow the normal dietary and exercise programme.

    5. Drug-induced Weight Gain
    Steroids make you put on weight in the stomach area and the face (moon face). Hormone Replacement Therapy with Estrogen adds weight in the abdomen, just below the umbilicus (belly button). Women hate this as it makes them look pregnant. Massage and knead this fat deposit with sesame oil. It might help.

    6. Diabetic Weight Gain
    In this case the fat deposit is more prominent in the upper abdomen, just below the rib cage. The solution is to control Diabetes with a low carbohydrate diet, exercises and remedies.

    7. Alcoholic Weight Gain
    Here people have huge “beer bellies” but with skinny legs. Avoid alcohol totally as there is a problem here.

    In Dr. Ali’s Spa, The Castel Monastero, there is a specific weight loss plan under supervision. If you are on a 7-day programme, you’ll eat only Dr. Ali’s Breakfast Muesli for 3 days which a blend of organic oats, almonds, pistachios, kishmish raisins, neroli orange, saffron and Babool gum (absorbs sugar in the gut). It’s very tasty and is popular with Dr. Ali’s patients. After the 3 days, Dr. Ali’s Diet Menu is served. It has no fat and salt but is flavoured with herbs. Besides the diet, guests have daily Marma Massage, do yoga, swim in hypersaline pool, exercise in the gym and use sauna or hammam. The massage is very specific as it is designed to improve blood flow to the brain. This gives a boost in energy and creates a feel good factor so that you enjoy the programme.



    Some special tips for general weight loss:


  • Avoid bread, pasta, sugar or sweets, alcohol, coffee, citric fruits or sour foods including vinegar, chillies, nuts, excess salt, cheese, mushrooms, butter, excess oils or fat, fried food, snacks, canned or preserved food, etc.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food to allow the taste buds on the tongue to tell the brain what you are eating and how much. You’ll not over eat.
  • Pray before your meals. It makes you focus on your food and be thankful for it.
  • Sip water during meals and it drink only 45 mins later.
  • Eat early supper and walk for 10 mins before going to bed to help the digestive process.
  • Evening meals should be very light. 

    Recommendation of a day’s programme-


  • On empty stomach – Detox Tea.
  • Breakfast: Dr. Ali’s Muesli with yoghurt and cut fruits (non citric) and Dr. Ali’s Himalayan Tea.
  • Lunch: salad with a piece of fish.
  • Dinner: grilled fish or chicken, green salad and grilled/steamed vegetables.
  • At bedtime: Gut Cleaning Gel (one tablespoon stir in a glaas of warm water and drink immediately). This is a blend of psyllium husk, basil seeds and Babool gum which bulks up and absorbs fats, sugar and undigested food matter. It can also absorb alcohol, coffee and excess stomach acid, so it is good to take this at bedtime. The gut will be spared from dealing with them in the middle of the night.Neck Massage and Yoga Exercises as described in The Neck Connection book.Do this programme for minimum of 3 months. You’ll lose inches and weight, feel and look good. Dr. Ali runs a successful Leading Spa of The World and his programmes are time-tested and safe. It is successful.

    For Dr. Ali’s Breakfast Muesli, Detox Tea, Gut Cleansing Gel and other products contact or Fax +442073171600. Tel +442072245111.

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