Dr. Ali’s Ultimate Back Book


A Unique Integrated Programme Featuring Diet, Yoga and Massage.

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Back pain is the major reason for sick leave in this country and it’s reaching epidemic proportions.

Dr. Ali’s unique integrated program gives a fascinating new perspective on back pain and helps people to prevent and treat themselves through diet, exercise, massage and realigning posture. His approach considers the whole body and the mind, rather than treating the back by itself.

As he says, “A healthy spine depends on a healthy lifestyle”. Equally your general health can be affected by your back, so keeping it strong and supple is essential. The spine is strong but needs special care. Dr Ali’s revolutionary programme includes: – massage techniques for individual muscles – yoga, Alexander Technique and Pilates – sleep positions and patterns – posture in daily life – diet and nutrition Dr Ali also provides sound and helpful advice on professional manipulation, acupuncture and Ayurvedic oil massage.