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... Questions and Answers glands goitre thyroid swelling hypothyroidism ...
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Aching Joints

... until the early hours. Then, at around 4am, the adrenal glands release the maximum amount of cortisol (one of the body’s steroid ...
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Chemotherapy (Immune System)

... however, massage any cancerous areas on the skin, or in the glands or lymph nodes.) There are a few basic guidelines regarding diet: ...
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Remedies for Scars

... (androgens) leading to over activity of the sebaceous glands . The white patches occur because the inflammation in the dermis ...
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Breast Cancer

... rate. Questions and Answers glands reproductive systems breast cancer cancer ...
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Post Nasal Drip

... in the morning. Postnasal drip (PND), when the glands in your nose and throat continually produce mucus, is a common medical ...
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... much thyroxin is produced), a parathyroid problem (where the glands controlling calcium levels in the blood become unbalanced).Addison's ...
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... type is Staphylococcus Aureus . This thrives in the sweat glands, which are abundant in armpit chest and groin, or areas that are likely ...
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... It also stimulates the activities of other hormonal glands and facilitate bone formation, especially in young children. Iodine, ... Questions and Answers glands hyperthyroidism low thyroid thyrotoxicosis ...
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... disease (acne), which affects the skin pores and the oil glands attached to them, is an abnormal response to the normal levels of the ... in the ovaries. Additionally, androgens in the adrenal glands are converted to oestrogen in fat cells. During puberty, however, ...
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