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The irises of your eyes are like a mirror image of all organs and areas of your body.

The iris, which is connected to the brain via the hypothalamus, acts as a control panel, giving readouts on conditions in various parts of the body. All organs and parts of the body are represented in the iris of the eye in well defined areas.

Iridology is one of the most comprehensive diagnostic methods in complementary medicine. The principle of using the irises to determine the state of health was established in China over 3,000 years ago, but modern iridology has been practised since the 19th century.

The colour, fibre, structure and other features or markings of a person’s irises, reflect their genetic make-up and provide a snapshot of his or her physical strengths and weaknesses.
“Iridology is a safe, non-invasive diagnostic method, which can be integrated with complimentary medicine.”

The practice of iridology has been enhanced by the recent development of a non-invasive computer diagnostic aid, which examines each iris and takes close-up colour photographs. Examination of these pictures of the eyes can help explanation at the earliest stage of an illness, spot destruction of tissues, various drug poisons, or genetic predisposition to disease. It is also possible to predict many healing crises through which the patient will have to pass on the road to health.

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