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Exercise is good for you but if you overdo it then you could cause more harm than good. In other areas too, extremes of behaviour can lead to ill health.

How much you work and how much you rest – balance is essential here as too much of either is unhealthy:

  • Sleeping too much or not enough.
  • How much you retain in the body and how much you evacuate.

Moderation and diversity are pivotal to Dr Ali’s Lifestyle Programme. If you stick rigidly to the same food, routine or activity day in day out you are more likely to get bored and reach for the unhealthy option.

Diversity keeps the mind and body fresh and active. If you load your body with toxins or overexert the muscles, you are leaving yourself open to disease. Moderation in all areas of life is the healthy course. If you do this you prepare your body to fight illness and to retain equilibrium.

By following Dr. Ali’s Lifestyle Programme you will learn the importance of balancing diet, exercise and massage in order to maintain good health.

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