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What is Integrated Health?

Integrated Health is the gathering together of all the factors that contribute to your continued well-being and balancing them to enable you to attain your full potential all the time.

Preventive measures ensure your freedom from disease and adverse conditions; the most advantageous curative procedures, when ill, include using the best traditional and conventional techniques and optimising your condition to take advantage of your full potential.

Most people today are in the borderline phase, neither healthy nor sick. If you go to a doctor because you have flatulence, excess weight or insomnia he will say it is not a disease. Likewise, chronic fatigue or lethargy is not a disease. So the doctor will only treat certain symptoms, say fever, diarrhoea, a cough, or tissue damage, but he will not go beyond that to rectify the cause which might have started the symptoms.

That’s where Integrated Medicine comes to the fore. Prognosis or foretelling the advancement of health or disease is an important duty of an integrated medical physician. He or she must know what the outcome of a “borderline” state of health will be and warn the person in advance.

Read Dr Ali’s The Integrated Health Bible to get more knowledge about Integrated Health.

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