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Obesity is an extreme case of being overweight. Both are calculated by the body mass index (BMI). To find out your BMI, divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. So if your weight is 57kg and your height is 1.6m, divide 57 by 7.56 (1.6m2), which equals 22.2. A BMI between 20 and 25 is considered normal for most people; between 25 and 27 is considered overweight Obesity is over 27 for adults; Over 25 for children.

I have studied weight gain over many years and arrived at solutions that work for my patients. First you need to deal with appetite – the main reason for eating. If you are not hungry, you don’t eat (unless you have a psychological addiction to food). As I explain in detail in my book Dr Ali’s Weight Loss Plan, and also on my Weight Loss DVD, appetite is created principally by five triggers:

  • Production of stomach acid
  • Empty stomach
  • Action of the appetite centre in the hypothalamus area of the brain.
  • Sight and smell of food
  • Conditioned reflex; in other words, mealtimes.

It’s possible to control excess stomach acid by cutting out citrus fruits and sour or bitter foods. Avoid giving your child oranges, grapefruit, lemons, pineapple, kiwis, mangoes, rhubarb- either as fruit or juice. Also avoid ketchup, chillies and fizzy drinks. Coarse foods, such as crisps and nuts, cause the stomach to produce more acid to churn them to a pulp before digesting.

Eating slowly is vital. This will help the taste buds to control the quantity of food consumed. . One problem with being overweight is that continuously eating too much stretches the stomach wall, so that it takes longer to feel full and satisfied. Chewing thoroughly is essential, too: if the stomach has to deal with big chunks of food, it produces more arid and gastric juices. I suggest putting a 20-minute timer in front of your child, so he can learn to ‘go slow’. Your child should have three regular, quality meals daily, always starting with a good breakfast and drink plenty of still water between meals. If you must give snacks between meals, then choose sticks of carrot, celery or cucumber.

Natural Remedies and Cures for Obesity:

  • To help regulate the appetite centre, try neck and shoulder massage, which improves the blood flow to the pituitary-hypothalamic area of the brain. Increased blood supply means increased glucose supply to the appetite centre, which feels instantly satisfied. I also believe that improving blood flow to the brain helps the pituitary gland and thus the whole hormonal system, which it controls, co function better. The thyroid gland, for instance, is often responsible for weight gain if it’s not working properly. Massage your son’s shoulder and neck area three times a week, paying special attention to the muscles that run up either side of the neck. Massage right up to and around the hairline where the muscles join the skull. Some points around these areas may be tender; massage lightly until discomfort subsides.
  • Plan exercise that is fun, such as outings to a swimming pool or games with other children. Add enjoyment to walks by turning them into treasure hunts.
  • Cook fresh, wholesome foods, cutting down on salt, sugar and fat and. using herbs and spices instead to perk up the taste. There are lots of suggestions in my book Dr Ali’s Nutrition Bible
  • It’s important to sit down at the table to eat together. Saying grace or having a moment’s silence before you eat means you can look at the colours of the meal and savour the smell. You should all try to get used to putting less on the plate, avoiding second helpings, and stopping when you are full (rather than when the plate is empty).
  • A postscript for parents of older boys: sometimes boys around nine years old put on weight due to hormones. If the testicles don’t descend into the scrotum, testosterone is not produced, causing a cellulite-type, white fat weight. gain around chest, trunk, hips, arms and thighs. In this case, you should consult a doctor and a child psychologist because it can cause great embarrassment to the boy. I also suggest rubbing Alive Cellulite Control Oil on the lower abdomen, thighs and seat area at night kneading the skin so that it absorbs the oil. Wash the next day. Do this twice a week until there is an improvement.

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